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I am the wife to a wonderful and dedicated man. He has taken on the biggest role a man could step into and became a wonderful father to my children. We have survived a very long deployment, which I feel has made our family stronger and able to communicate better. I have 4 children ages 21, 18,16 and 13. With only 2 boys left at home, we spend most of our time watching football, karate, hiking and exploring.  I have recently learned how to crochet and have been busily making photo props and fun items for friends' newborn babies.

I love taking pictures and started out taking fun photos of the kids, playing with some editing and this has now expanded to taking pictures for others.

I am a Scentsy consultant and love to bless others with my business. I look forward to sharing our life with you and hope that you enjoy sharing it with us. We may have a crazy life sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow day 2 projects

I have started my cloche hats for my mom's open house

Learning to color with Copic markers, I like this technique and want to get more colors

One more hat

Still snowing

Day 2 of being snowed in and it is not looking like I will be going anywhere anytime soon. What better thing to do than work on some projects that need to be completed. Teacher gifts, party invites and maybe even fit in some scrapbook pages for the kids' books.

The boys have been outside trying to build forts, but that was short lived as they said it is toooo cold out and their gloves are freezing. maybe some hot cocoa and then back out they will go.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snow day!!

I am so trying to figure this blogging thing out and really should be working on my cloche hats for the party invites, but keep finding myself coming back to this. I just can not stop messing with it until it is just right.

The snow just keeps on falling and I am thinking I will be stuck at home tomorrow too, but is it really that bad? I may get some things done around here :)

Just a few projects

Noah's birthday invitation for our scavenger hunt at Cabella's

Our last year to make valentine boxes and we just had to make a tank for dad

 What is Christmas without  class treats? Fun and simple project
And of course we can't forget our amazing teachers so we did the 12 days of giving with school supplies