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I am the wife to a wonderful and dedicated man. He has taken on the biggest role a man could step into and became a wonderful father to my children. We have survived a very long deployment, which I feel has made our family stronger and able to communicate better. I have 4 children ages 21, 18,16 and 13. With only 2 boys left at home, we spend most of our time watching football, karate, hiking and exploring.  I have recently learned how to crochet and have been busily making photo props and fun items for friends' newborn babies.

I love taking pictures and started out taking fun photos of the kids, playing with some editing and this has now expanded to taking pictures for others.

I am a Scentsy consultant and love to bless others with my business. I look forward to sharing our life with you and hope that you enjoy sharing it with us. We may have a crazy life sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A little humor in my day

This week has been box after box after box of freight  (over 90 in 3 days to be exact) at the store, getting ready for back to school and winter. We opened one box and found this skirt that we just had to take a break and have some fun with. What better way to unwind then to have the assistant manager put on the kids XL (14) skirt and to a little curtsey, then back to unpacking boxes we went.

Today while cleaning the store and refolding for the 1000th time we came across a little present from one of our little shoppers. She was tired of her sucker and didn't want the shirt so she stuck it all together and left us a "present" Another great job the assistant and our favorite associate.  The funniest part of the gift was.....

It was left on this shirt that says "I love candy" HAHAHAHA!!!! Yep funny stuff happens all the time at work, or maybe it really isn't that funny and we are just so tired of cleaning, unpacking, folding, hanging up clothes and messes that we have lost our sane minds and think this is the funny part of the day. We in all honesty love our jobs and most of the time our customers are great to work with, but like any job there is stress and we have to find the best in every situation.
On a totally different note, I was asked to join my Scentsy business in a networking group and I am so excited to be a part of this. I will meet once a month with other home based businesses and in turn we will be using the referral program. I am looking forward to getting my name out there even more and blessing peoples lives and helping moms stay at home and be moms.  I love meeting new people and this is one of the big reasons I joined Scentsy.
Well its off to bed for me, up early as football officially starts in the morning, first game for us. Good luck to my son. He loves what he does and we are so proud of him for being a dedicated student and athlete.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another good day.

I thought there was suppose to be a blue moon tonight, but when I went out to look at it, it was covered by the clouds so I could not see that it was blue.  The neighbor kid was just getting home from work so I asked him if it looked blue to him and of course he said not really. I was really kind of bummed, I was looking forward to seeing a blue moon. I will look again tomorrow night as I heard it was suppose to be tonight and tomorrow.

I was contacted by a networking group in my area that wants me to join them for monthly meetings, I think I am going to finally get my business going in the right direction which I am super excited about. I have been doing trainings online and praying that opportunities would come my way to help my family out. This just may be the answer I have been waiting for.

Tomorrow as I head out the door for work I am going to remember to grab any business materials that will help me on the spot, when anyone asks about Scentsy. I will have books, light bulbs (everyone always needs these) and my join/host brochures.  I have been told many times that I need to have these things in the car at all times, but I have never done it, so now is the best time to start and become 100% focused.

As I go to bed tonight I am sending tons of prayers to god, I am praying for friends in Montana that are threatened by the fire, I am praying for a friends father that had a heart attack this morning and for a friend, which I am not sure what is going on with her, but from the sounds of things today, whatever it is, is not good. Hug your family tonight and say a prayer for those suffering.

God bless you all.

Set me Free

I have been volunteered to participate in the Jail and Bail for March of Dimes by a co-worker. I love to help anyone I can and this sounds like it could be fun. I got the call at work telling me that I had a warrant for my arrest and about fell over because I knew I had done nothing wrong, then out comes the truth. I had a warrant for my arrest due to drinking to much lemon water and getting my co-worker hooked. HAHAHAHA I then about died of laughter. So I have to raise $1000 "bail" and turn myself in on Sept 12.  Now to get the word out and raise money for those babies. Off I go. http://jailandbail.marchofdimes.com/personal_page.asp?si=352ACD5C-F82A-4E97-AAEA-DD68458288AF is the link to help me raise money.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blessing others

I went to the football practice tonight and met with some of the team moms and a few parents. I was a little disappointed that the other parents didn't know I was coming, but the moms that I did talk to were very appreciative of what I was doing to help them out. I am so happy that I can pay it forward to these boys. I am a little worried that they want to close it all out in only 10 days, but maybe under pressure works best for these boys :)  
I have been trying to get some webinar training in tonight, but am finding it hard to focus and just want to be lazy, maybe tomorrow will be the time to do it and let my mind just relax tonight. I just know that all the training I am getting for myself is going to benefit my team and my business, which in turn benefits my family. I will be able to stay at home with my kids and be involved in all their activities.

On my way home, I glance at the beautiful sky and had to pull over to take a picture, it was so breath taking and amazing. God is so amazing in his creations.

With all that being sad I am going to go hang with my youngest while his siblings are out with friends. May be a good time for a board game.
Night all

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome Baby

I was so excited when my friend called and told me she was expecting. I knew I had to make her a cute card to go with the gift I was sending her. I was on the search for ideas and, viola! here it is .I wanted a stork and baby card, but didn't have a template for the pouch so my not so good drawing skills had to come into play :) I hope she likes as I had so much fun making this card.