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I am the wife to a wonderful and dedicated man. He has taken on the biggest role a man could step into and became a wonderful father to my children. We have survived a very long deployment, which I feel has made our family stronger and able to communicate better. I have 4 children ages 21, 18,16 and 13. With only 2 boys left at home, we spend most of our time watching football, karate, hiking and exploring.  I have recently learned how to crochet and have been busily making photo props and fun items for friends' newborn babies.

I love taking pictures and started out taking fun photos of the kids, playing with some editing and this has now expanded to taking pictures for others.

I am a Scentsy consultant and love to bless others with my business. I look forward to sharing our life with you and hope that you enjoy sharing it with us. We may have a crazy life sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Im finally back

I went MIA this last year as my life got totally out of control busy. I started crocheting and taking pictures. I started off with just taking fun pictures of the boys and then doing their school pictures. This turned into friends and family suggesting that I go to photography school. This is something that I have always wanted to do and love doing, but to this day I still have not enrolled in school.

I was asked to photograph a wedding on the 4th of July and I gladly accepted. I spent 3 days with the family and wedding party. It was a very long weekend, but so worth it. Not only did I photograph the wedding I was also asked to make the flower girls' dresses, which were tutu's. I had never made a tutu before this, but once I got started I found that it was quite easy.

I have been crocheting for the past year, just kind of messing around, but as soon as a couple of my friends saw that I knew how I was getting tons of requests to start making their little girls little shoes, sippers and sandals. I truly felt honored that they thought my work was cute enough for their babies to wear it.  The wheels in my head started spinning and I have decided that I was going to make a business page on facebook and make photo props.  Now that I have my facebook page, I am really thinking that I am going to be starting an Etsy store to sell even more. I am not one to really step that far out of my box, but this is something that I enjoy and making a little extra money doing it I can handle :) My only fear is that I may not find it as fun anymore if I am feeling stressed over the orders, but one day at a time is what I have to keep telling myself and if this is the way that I can work from home and attend every event for my boys it will be so well worth it, right?

This next week I am going to work on the store and also start blogging more to clear my head of all these thoughts I have racing through it. I will be posting pictures of the photo props here and welcome all feedback.

Until next time......